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Greener fulfilment, closer to the customer

Fast, affordable order fulfilment to enhance your customer experience. Let SKUtopia pick, pack and ship your inventory so you can focus on your business.

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Order fulfilment that saves you time and money and is better for the planet

  • RRobotics Fulfillment
  • RFull Brand Control
  • RSimple All-in-one Platform


How It Works

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You source your own awesome product

Greener fulfilment

You ship your product to us using discounted rates

Integrate sales channels

You integrate your sales channels into SKUtopia

We recieve and check inventory

We receive your inventory and check the quality

Your brand shines

Orders flow from your stores into SKUtopia

Seamless scalability

We’ll pick your orders and print your brand logo on the box

SKUtopia Truck

We deliver your product quickly using great rates

Greener fulfilment

Tracking number is emailed to your customer

Happy client

Your happy client receives the product!

Product delivered notification

You’re notified that your product has been delivered.

Retain full control of your brand with SKUtopia fulfilment

We love our merchants

Retain full control of your brand

Create memorable unboxing experiences with custom branded packaging, and include personalised inserts and offers. We’ll help you meet or improve your sustainability targets with cut-to-fit packaging that reduces 40% of packaging waste per order.

Your partner in better Commerce

Smarter, More Sustainable

Source your own product

Commerce that’s better for our planet

  • Super efficient, robotised fulfilment centres located in urban areas
  • Ultra-fast delivery including SKUtopia Same Day and Click and Collect
  • Discounted domestic and international shipping rates
  • AI recommendations for inventory placement across our network of fulfilment centres
  • Cut packaging by 40% with our made-to-fit boxes
  • Last mile transport carbon emissions reduced by up to 50%
  • Solar powered warehouses and robotics
  • Carbon neutral operations by 2023


Plans that scale with you

Transparent pricing. Choose a plan that fits your business and scales as you grow.

*Discounted shipping rates are available for our Partner Program Members.



Estimate your storage

Our automated, robotic fulfilment centres do things differently.  With storage fees designed according to volume, quantity and turnover rate, our pricing rewards your increased sales. 

Large Bin

410mm W x 457mm D x 216mm H
Max load: 30kg

X-Large Bin

600mm W x 400mm D x 310mm H
Max load: 30kg


1,165mm × 1,165mm
Max load: 1,000kg


Account for one-off costs

Special Projects

$55/man hour

This includes tasks like counting inventory, repackaging products, quality control, bagging products, or any other generic task not a part of your plan.

Container Unloading

*Free for palletized containers
None palletized prices below
$500 per 20″ container

$700 per 40″ container

If you are expecting a container in which the cargo is palletised, there is no receiving fee. If the cargo is ‘free loaded’ and we need to off-load and palletise inventory for you, you’ll be billed based on the size of the container.

Min. Pick and Pack Fee


We have a minimum monthly fee to cover the costs associated with running each account. It starts at $500/month or equals your storage fees. If you don’t reach the minimum with your pick and pack fees, you will be billed the difference.

Packaging Materials



Let’s get started

Ready to enhance your customer experience? Tell us about how you currently fulfil and our Customer Success Team will be in touch shortly.

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What is order fulfilment?

Order fulfilment describes the back-end operations of eCommerce and is an essential element of creating a great customer experience.

Order fufilment is the process of fulfilling a customer order within a certain timeframe. Order fulfilment can be done in-house or by trusted partners and involves:

  • Receiving and processing customer orders via your online store
    receiving, logging and storing inventory;
  • picking and packing inventory to complete a customer order
  • Booking couriers, printing parcel labels, and creating shipping manifests
  • Tracking orders; and
  • Updating your inventory data to ensure your online store is accurate.
How do I add fulfilment to Shopify?

You can add fulfilment to Shopify by connecting your store to a third party order fulfilment solution, such as SKUtopia. Quick setup and 3 click Shopify integration means you can get started sooner. We’ll sort fulfilment so you can optimise your operations and scale your business.

How can I improve my order fulfilment?

You can improve your order fulfilment with solution that fits with your business needs and saves you time, money and resources. SKUtopia seamlessly integrates inventory, orders, shipping and warehousing data all in one place, allowing users to replace up to three individual apps. 

Can I outsource my warehousing and fulfilment later?

With SKUtopia, you won’t have to move to a new system when you outgrow in-house fulfilment. You can move into Fulfilment by SKUtopia facilities, where we’ll receive your inventory, store,  pick and pack and ship orders received through your eCommerce store. Orders are synced automatically through Shopify and we can set delivery times and service levels that will delight your customers. Connect with our Customer Success team to get started.