Careers at Workit Spaces & SKUTOPIA

Workit Spaces is our coworking and eCommerce hubs, located in Sydney, Australia.
SKUTOPIA is our order fulfilment, same day delivery & software solution for eCommerce businesses.
With these two brands working in harmony we have created a thriving ecosystem for eCommerce.



Our Values

Customer obsessed

  • Democratising order fulfilment and shipping, Giving the power back to the merchant while delighting the end consumer.
  • When our customer succeeds, we flourish.
  • Trust is a must.
  • Our customer = merchant and end consumer.

Be proud of our impact

  • Be passionate about what you do.
  • Be yourself, bring your creativity.
  • Have fun and get shit done.
  • Build with heart, passion is what unites us.

Embrace courage

  • Think big!
  • We encourage everyone to share their ideas.
  • Do it fast, be resourceful. Get your hands dirty.
  • Be brave, failure is an opportunity to learn and grow.

Come as you are

  • Bring your whole authentic self to work.
  • Inclusivity, respect, and awareness.
  • We celebrate diversity, it is our super power.
  • Diversity of ideas and opinions breeds creativity and solutions.

Environmentally positive

  • Lead the change.
  • Concern for the environment and commitment to be a sustainable and environmentally positive business.
  • If not us, then who? If not now, then when?
  • The bigger we get, the more positive impact we can have.

No politics

  • No bullshit – no politics, say what you mean and mean what you say, follow through with action.
  • We win together. Seek to understand rather than blame.
  • We’re here to collaborate not compete with each other, we work as a team.
  • Keep your ego in check.


Our People

We hire for talent and passion. We’re passionate about what we do and making a measurable, positive difference in the lives of our customers. We value diversity and thrive on creative, artful problem solving.

We’re a team that’s fueled by the potential to create innovative products which lead to a more sustainable society and planet. We know we haven’t got all the answers – and that’s where you come in. 




People & Culture






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Made it this far but don’t see an open role for you?
We’re growing rapidly and are constantly on the lookout for top talent so if the perfect role isn’t open right now for you, we encourage you to click on ‘General Applications’ above and tell us a little about yourself.


How We Hire

Step 1: Apply!

Tell us what you will bring to our team and community. If you have most of the skills but not quite all, we encourage you to apply. 

Step 2: Initial call

We’ll get to know you and your passions and experience, typically on a remote call with one-to-two people from Workit.


Step 3: Interview

Here’s when we get into the good stuff! We want to see how you think and respond to situations. Great candidates have done their research and will focus on the impact they’ve delivered in past roles. You may want to present past work – we love to see an outcome! – and come prepared with questions for us too.

Your interview may include a role-based task that’s designed as an opportunity to showcase your talent. Your interview panel will include 2-3 people, including the hiring manager.

    Step 4: Meet the team

    You’ll have the opportunity to meet with a cross-section of potential colleagues throughout the process and understand their perspectives and how your role fits into the bigger picture.


    Step 5: Offer

    If it’s green lights from us and you, you’ll receive an offer subject to two successful references.


    “If you join Workit, you’ll be assisting small businesses to startup and follow their dreams.”

    Ophelia McMillan, Community Manager