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We’re a team that’s driven to create innovative products, a sustainable planet, and sustainable society. We know we haven’t got all the answers – and that’s where you come in.

Order fulfilment that saves you time and money and is better for the planet


At the intersection of technology, software, and logistics, our mission at SKUtopia is to empower and grow ecommerce businesses.

Independent Businesses

We believe that the world is a better place when our economy consists of many distributed, independent, thriving businesses, rather than a single large monopoly. We believe empowering people to create, grow, and control their own businesses creates wins for all of society.


We’re also adamant that ecommerce can be green AND profitable, and have set out to share this reality with as many businesses as possible.



Technology Strategy

To ensure our technology strategy supports the business, and that the business mutually supports our employees, our CTO has outlined our long term technology strategy and vision. The SKUtopia Technology Strategy document is publicly available, so you can decide for yourself if you want to be part of our mission.

SKUtopia Technology Strategy (Public)

Alongside the technology strategy are supporting documents such as the Engineering Roles Canvas. The roles canvas makes clear our commitment to technical excellence with a robust 7 tier technical career track, with salary bands aligned with the engineering management track.

Engineering Roles Canvas

Technology Teams

Our teams are organised into autonomous cross-functional squads, aligned along the axis of change so that they can deliver incredible products independently, without politics.

Every cross functional squad in SKUtopia is made up of people across the four main technology disciplines: product, ux, engineering, and data.

Product Management

Our Product Managers have a diverse set of compelling challenges at SKUtopia. Utilizing the latest product frameworks, we create high-impact, high-use applications that improve the way our users run their businesses and do their work.

Bring an outcomes-focused product mindset and come help us create great products.

UX Research & Design

With incredible access to customers and a supportive engineering team, our User Experience Designers have the freedom to develop meaningful and cohesive experiences for our users.

We use inclusive and value driven design methodologies to envision every aspect of the user journey, including branding, design, usability and function. Our iterative UCD process ensures we focus on what matters most: the people who use our products.

If you’re passionate about creating meaningful, human experiences that make the world a better place, come and help us shape the future of SKUtopia.


We take pride in our engineering excellence at SKUtopia. This excellence in our craft is built on key foundational principles and practices that define how we work each day, some of these include Continuous Deployment, DevOps, Domain Driven Design, Functional Programming, Event Sourcing, and Continuous Learning & Development. See our SKUtopia Technology Strategy for a deep dive into how we embed these practices in our engineering culture.

Tech Stack (So far)

Part of what makes our cross functional squads so flexible is that we have a standard foundation of key technologies that we reuse as a default. This approach makes it easy to jump from one squad to another, share knowledge, and keep the work fresh.

It also means we spend more time solving problems, and less time looking up syntax. Of course, if there is a good reason to do so, we integrate other technology choices. For example, building a high speed CPU bound service might be more appropriate in Rust than Node, although we have implemented a few performant combinatorial algorithms in Node services too!

Our base stack consists of:

  • TypeScript
  • Functional Programming
  • Node
  • React
  • Postgres
  • Kubernetes
  • Terraform/Pulumi
    Data & Insights

    With a Data First approach and cross functional teams that embed data engineers into product squads, makes being part of the Data & Insights team at SKUtopia a refreshing and engaging career opportunity for anyone passionate about data.

    Data at SKUtopia is different because:

    • Data Democratisation is a lived practice, with all reports accessible to all staff by default
    • Data literacy and data driven decision making is embedded throughout the organisation, from the CEO to software developers engineers, everyone uses and values data to guide their decisions
    • Modern data tooling and a preference for No-Ops solutions empowers Data Engineers to spend their time working across the entire data value chain, from source through to report, to deliver critical insights to the business and deliver real impact.

    Our base stack uses Google Cloud products:

    • BigQuery
    • CloudSQL
    • Data Studio

    Other tech we use includes but is not limited to:

    • Kubernetes
    • Airbyte
    • DBT
    • Terraform/Pulumi



    A lot of our culture is encapsulated in the practices detailed by the Skutopia Technology Strategy (Public), including cross functional teams, blameless collaborative culture, outcomes focused roadmaps and objectives, transparency and data democratisation, etc. These practices are important, because culture is more than virtues written on the walls, culture is the way we respond to challenges, frame problems, and work together.

    However there is more to our team culture than what is outlined in our Tech Strategy. Our culture also comes from some of the more practical aspects of our team’s operating system. This includes things such as:

    Flexible work, whether that is flexible hours, working from home, office, hybrid, etc. We know that work needs to fit around life, not the other way around. As long as you turn up to meetings and deliver great work, you can arrange your time in a way that works for you and your team — Whether that’s making time for a school run, working in the evening, or popping out to catch the swell and making up the hours.

    Flexible leave means knowing that our colleagues are responsible, trustworthy adults. We won’t be asking for medical certificates if you use sick leave, or asking invasive questions. If you need a day off, tell us as much as you’re comfortable with us knowing. Partly this is because we want you to feel safe to use sick leave for mental health days, and know that it is not always something people want to talk about.

    Life balance is how we make sure we bring our best, most creative and energised selves to work. We’re not one for burning the candle at both ends, instead focusing on sustainable delivery.

    That means, when things get tough, the way we solve that is by reducing scope or moving deadlines. Extra hours have to be used incredibly sparingly, very deliberately, for a very limited duration (2 days max), and with time off in lieu in order to manage fatigue. It always comes at the expense of quality, pushes out subsequent timelines, and incurs high interest technical debt. Yuck!

    No crunch-time heroics here! Go home to the ones you really work for.

    Supporting parents in particular is important to us too! Whether that’s making time for a school run, your kids deciding that your colleagues on the video call would really love to hear the new song they learnt, and perhaps most importantly, paid primary and secondary carer’s parental leave.

    Learning and development is critical to a successful technology business. That’s why we have learning and development programs, support for attending conferences and presenting at them, a learning stipend towards self selected books, courses, and resources, and dedicated learning and development time.

    With all this freedom comes the expectation that you deliver excellent work, and let your manager know if any issues come up that keep you from working as usual, so we can work together to solve them with you.


    Recruitment Process


    Initial getting-to-know-you call

    Our internal SKUtopia recruiter will schedule a call with you to get a sense of where you fit into Skutopia’s team, and how we fit into the story of your career. This is a chance to discuss your career aspirations and experience, the role you’re interested in, and SKUtopia’s culture.


    Skills Challenge

    Whether design, engineering, or otherwise, this is your chance to show us what you’re capable of! On the flip side, be prepared to ask us technical questions too. Ideally, at the end of this session, both sides should have had an opportunity to learn and teach each other something new.

    For engineering, you will be presented with a technical challenge that gives you a chance to show off your fundamentals of programming. The problem itself is always simple and has many possible solutions. What we want to see is that you can pick and implement one of them, explain the trade offs of this solution compared to the others, and consider the various non-functional requirements.

    This is a pair programming session, so explain your thinking, ask us lots of questions, we both want to find out what it would be like working together.

    For UX & Product, come prepared with examples from your portfolio, case studies, and any great accomplishments you are legally allowed to discuss with us. We’re really interested in how you frame problems, the process you use to support your work, the ways in which you collaborate with others, and how you ultimately deliver business outcomes.


    Final Interview

    This last session gives us a chance to get to know each other and understand your journey so far. Come prepared with important questions about culture fit and what you are looking for in a workplace, whether that’s how we plan and organise work or how many dogs you’re allowed to bring into our Sydney office.



    Be Part Of The Team

    tech team


    A word from our CTO

    One of the reasons I joined SKUtopia myself is because technology is at the core of the company’s strategy. From our incredible access to ecommerce merchants in our Workit Spaces e-commerce hubs, to our robotic micro-fulfilment centres, SKUtopia is a workplace where a great algorithm could create a defensible competitive advantage, or a product insight could lead to a compelling new offering.

    Most importantly however, SKUtopia’s team is a great group of people to spend 40 hours of the week with. And I do only mean 40 hours, no more. While we value technical excellence, talent never excuses negative behaviour. Teams succeed as a group, and for that reason we have been uncompromising in our pursuit of a safe and inclusive work environment where people can be themselves.

    Ours is a workplace where people have the flexibility to work as best suits them, whether that’s from home or in the office, at night or early in the morning. We trust you to know what is best for you, whether that means popping out to manage errands, a school run, or taking a day off for mental health. We expect you to raise concerns with your manager if life is making it hard to keep up with your work commitments, so we can find ways to support you, and/or adjust timelines as needed.

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