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How does SKUtopia work?

SKUtopia offers three solutions that make scaling an eCommerce business easier:

  1. SKUtopia cloud-based software, available on any device, that connects to your eCommerce store and helps in-house teams manage their orders, shipping and inventory. When you outgrow your in-house capacity you can continue to use SKUtopia and outsource fulfilment to SKUtopia Fulfillment centres.
  2. SKUtopia Fulfilment centres for teams that want a partner to manage their end-to-end fulfilment. At SKUtopia Fulfilment centres we receive your inventory, log and store and then pick, pack and ship orders as they come in via your eCommerce store. Inventory and shipping data is auto-synced with your eCommerce store. Overtime, our AI recommendations engine learns about your market demand and helps you distribute your inventory across our network to improve delivery times and reduce storage and shipping costs.
  3. SKUtopia Same Day Delivery enables you to offer premium delivery services to customers. Same Day Delivery is available in select metro areas.

Do I need to install or download SKUtopia?

No. SKUtopia is a cloud-based web application, available on any device – desktop, mobile or tablet. Our Customer Success team will create your account and you can login anywhere.

What is fulfilment in eCommerce? 

eCommerce order fulfilment is the entire process from receiving an order to your customer receiving it. Fulfilment in eCommerce involves sending your orders to a fulfilment center for orders to be picked, packed and delivered to your customers.  SKUtopia software syncs with your sales channel in real time so orders come through automatically. Then we pick, pack and deliver your orders. 

Is SKUtopia right for me

SKUtopia is perfect for eCommerce businesses of any size, from start-ups to professional on-premise warehouses, looking to outsource fulfilment. With a range of services available, including SKUtopia Self-Fulfil and SKUtopia Fulfilment, we’ll help you outperform competition in the eCommerce landscape with competitive shipping delivery times and rates.

Co-designed with eCommerce businesses SKUtopia is suited for eCommerce businesses:

  • That fulfil orders and manage and store inventory in-house
  • And retail businesses that use SKUtopia Fulfilment centres
  • That want to connect to multiple couriers in one place
  • Want quick and easy setup – connect your Shopify store in less than a minute
  • Are looking to scale – we’re here to help you grow your business
Order Fulfilment

What is order fulfilment?

Order fulfilment describes the back-end operations of eCommerce and is an essential element of creating a great customer experience. Order fufilment is the process of fulfilling a customer order within a certain timeframe. Order fulfilment can be done in-house or by trusted partners and involves:

  • Receiving and processing customer orders via your online store
    receiving, logging and storing inventory;
  • picking and packing inventory to complete a customer order
  • Booking couriers, printing parcel labels, and creating shipping manifests
  • Tracking orders; and
  • Updating your inventory data to ensure your online store is accurate.

How can I improve  my order fulfilment?

You can improve your order fulfilment with solution that fits with your business needs and saves you time, money and resources. SKUtopia seamlessly integrates inventory, orders, shipping and warehousing data all in one place, allowing users to replace up to three individual apps. 

How do I add fulfilment to Shopify?

You can add fulfilment to Shopify by connecting your store to a third party order fulfilment solution, such as SKUtopia. Quick setup and 3 click Shopify integration means you can get started sooner. We’ll sort fulfilment so you can optimise your operations and scale your business.

Can I outsource my warehousing and fulfilment later?

With SKUtopia, you won’t have to move to a new system when you outgrow in-house fulfilment. You can move into Fulfilment by SKUtopia facilities, where we’ll receive your inventory, store,  pick and pack and ship orders received through your eCommerce store. Orders are synced automatically through Shopify and we can set delivery times and service levels that will delight your customers. Connect with our Customer Success team to get started.


How do you ship online orders?

You can ship online orders directly via SKUtopia . By connecting your sales channel with SKUtopia, you can see customer orders as they come in, book them for delivery and see their status automatically updated as the courier completes the shipment.

Where do you ship to?

With SKUtopia you can ship to Australia and internationally. Select your preferred courier from within the app to check their destinations.

How do I ship my orders cheaply?

SKUtopia’s affordable fulfilment solutions ship your products to customers for a low price. These discounted rates apply to shipments from your supplier to our warehouse, as well as shipments from our warehouse to your customers. Our vast delivery network and discounted shipping rates will reduce your shopping cart abandonment and get you to your target sooner.

What label printer should I use for SKUtopia?

SKUtopia works with any label printer that can print 10cm x 15cm labels. Our barcodes are DataMatrix – this means they can be scanned at any size!

Is same day delivery possible?

Yes! SKUtopia Same Day Delivery makes it possible! We currently offer same day deliveries for Sydney metro customers with new regions being added all the time. 

How quickly can my orders be shipped?

SKUtopia Fulfilment centres are connected to over 300 couriers across Australia and international shipping. We offer:

  • Standard shipping 2-5 business days
  • Express shipping 1-2 business days
  • Same Day Delivery for select metro areas
  • 4 hour delivery for select metro areas

Orders placed on a weekend or public holiday typically will be shipped the next business day. Orders to rural areas of Australia and international destinations may take up to 10 business days depending on your country/destination.

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